Turfgrass sod

Sod is a squares or strips of turfgrass with the adhering soil; can be used in vegetative planting. It is the fastest way for getting healthy mature and weedy free lawn. To establish lawn from seeds is not easy. It takes at least a year from seeding to a mature lawn. If you seed lawn in a dry season, it often may happen that all you get is a weedy area instead of a nice lawn. Therefore, establishing lawn from sod is getting more popular in the whole world. The risk to fail is significantly smaller in the case of sod installation than using seeds for establishing lawn. The advantages of sod are long installation period and speed. The possible installation period of sod starts with the melting of the ground in spring, and ends in late autumn with the freezing of the ground After installation approximately a month is needed for roots hinting to soil. After that professional sod lawn needs no special care because it is a healthy mature lawn when installed. After it's been installed, just water, mow and fertilise your sod lawn as needed and it will remain a healthy, green carpet of grass, requiring very little maintenance.


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Turfgrass Sod sale info


Age of the Turfgrass Sod: 2 years (two winters)

Botanical composition: Bluegrass Poa pratensis ca 40%, Red Fescue Festuca rubra spp. ca 60% mixture

Type of Sod: universal (suits most of the places)

Soil: organic (well-decomposed peat)

Size of the roll: 1 m2 (2,19x0,457 m), thickness 1,8 cm

Weight of a roll: ca 20 - 30 kg (depending on water content)

Transportation: sod rolls have been loaded on a pallet (pallet size 1,2x1 m or 0,75x1 m). One pallet contains 35 - 40 m2 turf.

The smallest amount to be sold: 1 m2

Price: 1 - 20 m2 6,50 EUR/m2

21 - 40 m2 5,00 EUR/m2

41 - 100 m2 3,60 EUR/m2

101 - 250 m2 3,10 EUR/m2

251 - 500 m2 2,60 EUR/m2

500 m2 and more 2,3 EUR/m2

The price of sod does not include the price of pallets.
Price of a pallet is 6,00 EUR. We buy pallets back with 2,80 EUR/ pallet. We buy back only undamaged pallets.

Installation: 2,20 EUR/m2. With areas smaller than 50m2, the price of installation is negotiable.

All prices are V.A.T. included.

The slope at Rocca al Mare (in Tallinn) before and after sod installation.

Roger Vickers (from UK, first from right) , Jüri Lehtsaar and Indrek Keres
detect the grass on the Turfgrass Sod Field.


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